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Flat Outta Hell

Today’s shoe lust:
Flats for Fall

Autumn is upon us, and all we can think of is a casual Sunday: wake up, throw on an oversized sweater and flats, and pick up your pumpkin spice latte. (Summer lovers are cringing… sorry, but we’re truly Fall gals.)

Particularly fond of this sassy collection of flat footwear. A creamy white Valentino to honor the end of  warm weather, or a velvety blue slip-on to honor the holidays ahead. Be bold in metallic Tahari cut-outs, or make Tim Burton proud in those striped sensations.



Art Institute

Honestly, The Art Institute runway is always a spectacle. The top designers from AI schools around the country are flown to NYC, and debut a capsule collection. We were instantly smitten with several of the designs, starting with reds, and ending with our friend Michael Doyle’s all-black ensembles. Hard to pick a fav look out of all of these, but what’s yours?!



Holiday Hues

Here are the trends:

1. Pantone’s “Color of the Year”, emerald. WanderLust is craving that maxi-skirt, green velvet, sequins, cool cut-outs, checkered minis, emerald manicures, and lacy lingerie.

2. Metallica. We’re on the hunt for golden pumps, bold trench coats, glittering tops, silver handbags, and mirrored manicures.

3. We’re loving this winter hue, called midnight blue. Needing a navy manicure, blue shadow, cool blue coats, luxe loafers, and possibly even locks to match.

4. Oxblood, burgundy, maroon, what have you… this color is hot for the cold. Lusting after velvets, huge handbags, all red everything, fierce pumps, and a seasonal manicure.

5. Ever-in-style, animal print. Rock it right with a vintage hat, long jacket, matching, rock and roll inspired, fierce accessories, or just be Kate Moss.. always a good option.

(All photos pulled from Pinterest.)



Cynthia Vincent

Swung by one of our favorite NYC showrooms, Cynthia Vincent! With light flooding in from their Bryant Park facing windows, we pulled pieces from the racks and hung them like an art piece on the wall. Our favorite trends seen above: tough greens with leather lining, rich velvets, shaggy fauxs, and the bold mix of blue and tangerine. Which set would you want in your wardrobe??