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Day 4 NYFW outfits

Photo by Ryan Baker.

(On Abigail – Vest, tank, and pants, Nicole Miller. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Bag, L.A.M.B.)

(On Emily – Skirt, Nicole Miller. Top, Bebe. Ears, BEXnyc. Tights, Dana Maxx. Shoes, SixtySeven.) 

We needed to get fierce for day four… and I think we can all agree, the cat ears did the trick! We were so excited to get dressed by Nicole Miller for her show! Although, it was nearly impossible to pick which Nicole Miller pieces to wear, we even went through her archived collection… que drool. Her show along with all of day four’s designers were impressive and lust-worthy.



Day 3 NYFW outfits

(On Emily – Sweater and Skirt, AllSaints. Shoes, SixtySeven. Bag, Zac Posen.)

(On Abigail – Dress, Forever 21. Belt, Aldo. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Clutch, Ballista.) 

By day three we were torn. Too excited about Fall, and still soaking up the last bits of Summer. As a compromise, Emily went Fall inspired, and Abigail went Spring styled. 
Didn’t we warn you there would be more color?? Even all white accessories for Abigail. Emily stuck to her roots with a full on AllSaints look. But, that is a sequined skirt, and a LIGHT gray sweater… so that’s a big step. 
Regardless, day three kicked our asses, but we kept truckin’. More outfits to come ;)




(On Abigail)- Top, Delia*s. Shorts, LF stores. Heels, Sixty Seven
(On Emily)- Tee, H&M. Pants, Guess. Heels, Steve Madden. Hat, Aldo

As you can probably tell Emily doesn’t tan… so pool time gets limited due to severe burning, which turns into a beautiful.. pale. Abigail on the other hand can get super tan, but makes the ultimate friendship sacrifice and helps load on the SPF 80.

Although, we were without bikinis we were happy to eat a delicious lunch, wear our new Beetlejuice pants, and lounge by the pool before making our way back to Denver. Between the pool, the hotel, and Aspen in general our “Holy Chic” shirt seemed quite fitting.

Already miss Hotel Jerome, and the seasonal cotton balls that make for the perfect Summer snow :)



Hotel Jerome

(On Abigail)- Leotard, American Apparel. Skirt, LF stores. Shoes, Steve Madden. Belt, Topshop. Turban, BEXnyc.
(On Emily)- Top & Skirt, Nasty Gal. Hat, Aldo. Shoes, Sixty Seven

The newly remodeled Hotel Jerome became somewhat of a Playground for us during our stay. Climbing in windows, lounging in tubs, and jumping around in our giant bed, just a few of our daily activities :)

We don’t even need to begin to explain the decor… but, “hi taxidermy!!!” Oh, and we want moose chairs. …AND that view?! Just gorgeous mountains… we didn’t hate it.

We want to say a special thank you to Hotel Jerome for the amazing accommodations, and incredible service! We can’t wait to stay with you next time we’re in Aspen!!



Denver Adventures

(On Abigail)- Dress, Miilla. Boots, Jeffrey Campbell. Belt, Topshop.
(On Emily)- Dress, Katie Gallagher. Boots, Sixty Seven. Hat, Aldo.

After touching down in Denver we decided to venture out and explore the terrain. So, in conclusion we found, what we hope were, abandoned rail road tracks, an antique Porsche, giant ponies, ATVs, Blue our new Husky friend, Big Gulps (huh?) and what we’ll assume are the doors from one of our favorite films, Monsters Inc.

All in all a fun filled day of Denver adventures! Stay tuned for what else we stumble upon :)




Oh mimosas, how you lure us… as well as all the delectable food at the beautiful restaurant, Isola, in the Mondrian SoHo. We’re so excited to be a part of their new brunch ritual! 
The space is like the most luxurious green house, donning beautiful chandeliers, lots of liquor, and fully equipped with a new DJ spinning every week. They always seems to get us on our feet within about an hour… it may be the champagne, but we can’t give alcohol all that credit…
Great crowd, great time, and most importantly such great outfits by brunch goers :)

Nylon Holiday Pop Up Shop

While battling the West side cobble wobble in my Sixty Sevens I made it, sans Abigail (no clue how I didn’t get lost more than twice…) to the Nylon Magazine Holiday Pop Up Shop! There has to be a name for the crowd that came, Nylonites perhaps? You know those quirky, tattoo’d, artistic group of people that wear the coolest clothes, but you’ll NEVER find it! They’re the best. 
Regardless, it was such a great ending to their pop up shop! Josh Madden was spinning all night as party goers sipped delicious cocktails, and Neuro bottles, played epic ping pong battles, scribbled graffiti on the endless roles of paper, and perused the lustworthy clothing & accessories.
P.S. How adorable does John Krasinski look on the cover of this months issue?!  


Tape Magazine

(Photography by Stuart McConaghy)

Had way too much roaming Yale’s campus, freaking students out, and lurking about an empty parking garage. Just a few of our favorite things to do :) Totally in lust with the amazing team at Tape Magazine, and yes, we applaud them for getting us into some bright colors, well done! However, we had to put our classic WanderLust spin on it, toss on a few spikes & crosses. 
Tape is one of our new favs- androgynous editorials… need we say more? What do you guys think of the spread?! 

Dawn Levy

We thought we were planning ahead when we tried on these amazing Dawn Levy Winter Jackets, but in the matter of like, a day, it was cold enough to actually wear them. We happened upon a balcony with a lonely sun umbrella, a secret Grecian cove, and a street view.. rare in New York City. Just goes to show that Levy’s jackets are perfect in any backdrop. Lots of aliases came out in these pieces… a sexy Muppet, a leather ninja, a Jedi Knight. May the force be with you.
Emily’s shoes: Sixty Seven
Abigail’s shoes: Topshop
Spider necklace: Aldo

Day 5 Looks

 (Photo by Danielle of We Wore What)
Looks from Day Four: On Abigail – Dress, Titania Inglis. Harness, k2o by Karen Ko. Bag, Foley + Corinna. Shoes, Aldo.
On Emily – Jacket, Dawn Han. Bracelet, k2o by Karen Ko. Bag, Forever 21. Shoes, Sixty Seven.