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GM Collections

It’s always a pleasure to meet with a designer and be introduced to beautiful unique designs. We were drawn to everything, especially the pure silver pieces from GM Collections. There is something so endearing about hand made pieces. She was so sweet to gift us the skeleton necklace because of our, well, obvious obsession with them. 
Her jewelry wasn’t the only thing we were drooling over… check out her apartment! That chair. Those butterflies. There is no doubt in our minds that this woman has got some pretty incredible style. 



“Right to Remain Silent”

Two things we long for: sepia-tone, and Polaroids. When we got this badass BERRICLE handcuff jewelry set (necklace and anklet) we imagined a world where arrests were a bit more glamorous. The police would snap your mugshot with a vintage old Polaroid, then tint it a warm happy hue, for your use on blogs of course.

The necklace is heavy-duty, and ain’t messin’ around. The matching anklet (yes, anklet) is a thinner chain with small cuffs.. would look killer over a pair of pumps! Perhaps we’re leaning to our Orange is the New Black sides, but it’s good to be bad.




As a Blogger, social media takes precedence over normal daily happenings, like looking at the sky without a filter, eating a warm meal instead of one that has gone cold by the time you finish with all the necessary @’s and #’s, or even listening to a concert without having to have your hands suspended in the air as you attempt to make an “artsy” video. We’re not complaining… just setting a scene.

When oNecklace sent us “@WanderLustGirls” necklaces, they were all too fitting, and 100% necessary. The perfect guerrilla marketing tactic. So in light of these gorgeous silver name necklaces… follow us!