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Flat Outta Hell

Today’s shoe lust:
Flats for Fall

Autumn is upon us, and all we can think of is a casual Sunday: wake up, throw on an oversized sweater and flats, and pick up your pumpkin spice latte. (Summer lovers are cringing… sorry, but we’re truly Fall gals.)

Particularly fond of this sassy collection of flat footwear. A creamy white Valentino to honor the end of  warm weather, or a velvety blue slip-on to honor the holidays ahead. Be bold in metallic Tahari cut-outs, or make Tim Burton proud in those striped sensations.



East Village Errands

Abigail – Scarf, Ami Goodheart. Dress, Salvage. Shoes, Vans. Bag, Ballista. Sunnies, Ray Bans
Emily – Top, LF stores. Skirt, Reformation. Necklace, Zara. Shoes, Senso. Sunnies, Dior.  
Running errands in nearly 90 degree weather in the East Village looks a little something like this for us. Wearing as little as possible, barely there tops, rocker chic minis, and well skirts and a slight breeze… works wonders, but let’s just say everyone in the vicinity got quite the show. 


Village Street Style

(Photos by MC O’Connor

On Emily – Top, Zara. Pants, Garter + Derringer. Shoes, Senso. Hat, AllSaints. Bag, Ballista. Sunnies, JCrew

Day to day for WanderLust is generally a lot of black, but Spring has brought a whole new side of us out… navy blue! (We’ve actually been adding quite a bit of color to our wardrobe, which you can see more of on our Instagram.) 
However, to answer your questions of what we wear when we’re trolling the East Village, or out and about running errands? This look is along those lines. We trade in our mega heels for some comfortable flats, giant sunglasses, and cut it down to like 2lbs of metal instead of the usual 30lbs. Here it is- WanderLust Girls comfortable casual stylings! What do you guys think? 


Dumb & Dumber

(Photos by Matt Borowick)
(On Abigail) – Dress, Line & Dot. Shoes, Senso.
(On Emily) – Pantsuit, TOCCA. Shoes, Topshop.
As WanderLust Girls, we take it upon ourselves to book crazy trips and vacations, and to document them rigorously throughout, ensuring you fun photos, and of course our signature stupidity. When Delta gave us two round-trip flights in the US, it didn’t take long for us to settle on one place… I’m talkin’ about a little place called ASssssspennnn!
Naturally, we thought it’d be best to announce the travel news by means of a “High-Fashion Harry and Lloyd.” The Plaza looks just like their Charity Ball, right? “I thought the Rocky Mountains would be a little rockier than this.” All we were missing were matching canes.
TODAY until Monday we will be wandering and lusting through Denver and Aspen, CO. And if we know Mary as well as we think we do, she’ll invite us right in for tea and strumpets. All we need to do is show a little class, a little sophistication, and we’re in like a dirty shirt.
Follow us on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Shmine, and whatever the hell else there is to follow. We will be showcasing the newly remodeled Hotel Jerome, and covering the Snowmass Mammoth Fest! And stay tuned for some surprises along the way ;)



Cinco de Mayo #LustList

This weekend we’ll be praying for sunshine and good deals on tequila, because it’s Cinco de Mayo, folks! (Yes, we’re bringing back “folks.”) We put together a #LustList of all the essentials we’ll be needing this weekend… everything but the sombrero we’ll buy from the dollar store.

Sandals, Senso. Sunscreen, Hawaiian Tropic. Blood orange polish, OPI. Midi rings, Etsy. White cut-off, J. Brand. Floppy hat, Rachel Zoe. Scalloped bikini, Nasty Gal. Margarita, well duh. White tank, T by Alexander Wang. Sea salt mist, Bang Style. Handbag, Marc by Marc Jacobs.




(Photos by Kat Slootsky
Unveiling the empire two dancers returned to the famous cabaret. The champagne has run out, the smoke has cleared, but their costumes remained in their boudoir. Backstage they reminisce about what once was, and even though the ticket sales ceased, and the roars of the crowd simmered the atmosphere in the Moulin Rouge is immortal.  
Red dress & Headband: Geova
Black lace corset: Nasty Gal
Tutu: Hot Topic
Black heels: Senso
Silver heels: Jonathan Simkhai x Aldo


Pretty in Pink

(Photos by Jakob Layman)

AH! Okay, get that whole non-emo girls fiasco out of the way! We always have fun yelling in crowds… so we were in our element. We hit the jackpot when we noticed a Harvard University campus tour going on :) CHA-CHING!
We had a wonderful time stumbling around the uneven streets of Harvard Square collecting donations, and doing what we like to call, “the cobble wobble.” You know those moments where you ALMOST brake your ankle, crumble a bit, and make it about 3/4 of the way to eating it, but save yourself. Always funny. WanderLust at it’s finest :)