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Father’s Day Swag

Just a few days before Father’s Day, and let me guess… you haven’t bought shit yet. NO FEAR! Whether it’s your dad, uncle, or even better.. your stylish Grandpa, swing by Duncan Quinn and Hook + Albert‘s websites for a few of our absolute favorite menswear accessories: badass ties, funky tie clips, pocket squares, and lapel flowers. Get some 2-day shipping and you’re golden ;)

Happy Father’s Day. Happy menswear. Happy style.



Stud of the Month

Meet May’s Stud of the Month: Duncan Quinn, New York’s bespoke suit designer.

If tomorrow you could go on a trip somewhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?

The Future.

Who is the coolest client you’ve ever had?

They’re pretty much all cool in their own way. So it makes it very tough to pick.

What’s your favorite beverage? What would you never drink?

The right one at the right time? Never say never.

When did the obsession with cars begin and which is your favorite?

By age 11 my bedroom walls were effectively covered by supercars. I’ve never driven one, but given the choice right now I’d take a Lamborghini Miura SV. It’s tough as cars are like wine, girls and books. You have to be in the right mood to fully appreciate each one. Otherwise it’s just an experience that didn’t excel.

What is your favorite restaurant in the city?

Lavagna. The nutty owner and I get on well. Mostly fueled by a love of fast motorcycles and good wine. Well, that and the pasta being as addictive as crack. 

What name do you like better Mia or Nina?

Depends on how interesting she is. And what she looks like if I’m honest. 
What is your favorite fairytale?

My own. 

What is the best place you’ve ever taken someone on a date?

Probably a table for two on a small island in the middle of the Zambezi River… But again the company makes for the best date, not the place. 

What did the first suit you ever made for yourself look like?

Very much like one of my father’s Savile Row ones. Just a butchered version thereof. Haha.

Do you have a favorite color?

Yes. But what it depends upon all the other colors it is with. 

What is one men’s trend you cannot stand?

Trends. I prefer style. 

How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning?

That very much depends upon what happened the night before. 

Blondes or Brunettes (trick question?)

One of each? 

Coffee or tea?

Coffee in Italy. Tea in England. 

Tea or strumpets?

Strumpets for sure. 

Harry Potter or Drako Malfoy?

The integrity of Harry, with the looks of Drako. 

Motorcycle or Porsche?

Depends which one. In both cases. 

Pizza or Pasta?


Whiskey or wine?

Wine. Unless it’s time for whisky.

Good Friday? Good Guy? Good Gift!

Take it from two fashionable ladies, a woman’s heart flutters when she sees a man has “shoe game.” Heard of it? All a man has to do is swap his laces, pimp out his sock drawer, and occasionally do the courtesy cuff. If you’re looking to gift your guy, whether it be Easter, Fathers Day, a birthday, or Fourth of July (check out those star socks), Hook + Albert has you covered. Our tip is: don’t perfectly match the lace and sock. #ShoeGame



Carlos Campos

Well, needless to say Carlos Campos is always one of our favorite presentations, but this year they topped themselves again creating a collection of simple navy, blue, and whites. The pieces were perfectly constructed, and gave of a sexy athletic vibe. The soccer socks were a cute touch. Casual, comfortable, but totally dapper.



Shoe Stalker: NYFW Files

(Photos by Abigail Breslin)
Spotted: From the catwalks to the tents, and even the most posh of subways, WanderLust was shoe stalking the shit out of people, and we fell in lust with so many of these high heel diggs! Gorgeous greens, metallics, snake skins, spikes galore, furs, and some unique architecture.
Even men’s loafers came out in bright spray-painted colors! Right on the $$ to add some color to F/W’s darker attire!

Public School


(Photos by Abigail Breslin)

We’d like to begin this blog post a bit differently, and speak to the male models from the Public School presentation… will you, or will you not date us? Every season we look forward to making our way to Milk Studios to see what Dao-Yi and Maxwell have created for the upcoming season! Our take away… if all public school’s were filled with men dressed like this, the world would be a better place.  

Elliott Evan

Cannot get enough of Elliott Evan. Male model’s strutted down the catwalk in sexy dark layers, loads of leather, and even a few plastic jackets. Impractical? Nope. Awesome? Yup!

There were so many pieces in the collection, and with each piece we were thoroughly entertained, and psyched for the next one to make its way down. Especially in love with the urchin-like lapels and hoods. Excellent show from LAFW :)