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Dolce Vita vibes

First partay of the week, and a freaking job well done. Just walking through the entrance at Dolce Vita, we knew it was going to be epic. The monster-sized showroom on Houston was packed to the brim, and people were actually dancing (a rare site.) Loved the tunes, loved the booze, and loved the company. Kudos on the keg as well. (Maybe we should start a drinking blog? …No.) Wish we made it to the photo booth! (Yes, Abigail IS wearing chef pants… like from a restaurant.)



Masquerade Wonderland

As masked guests perused the space at Lifestyle Trimco for the Masquerade Wonderland Soirée, they were transported to different eras, and enchanted lands. We were so honored to co-host with Ami Goodheart, and are always happy to be surrounded by her masterpieces!

We especially enjoyed the cotton candy shots… maybe too much..



Flaming Youth

(Photo by Tommy M.)

(Photo from PaperMag)

Any night we get to wear feathers on our arms and faces… we’re in. Last week we raged at the Creative Time‘s Flaming Youth Ball, rocking two gorgeous SOTU masks and wings! DJ Mia Moretti spun, as we spun as well, thanks to Nicolas Feuillatte. Quote of the night: “I gotta fix my wing before people think I’m weird.”