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Effortless Errands

Abigail – Top, Brandy Melville. Shorts & Clutch, LF Stores. Booties, J Shoes. Sunnies, Ray Ban
Emily – Top, Brandy Melville. Pants, Theory. Sunnies, Madewell. Slides, Jeffrey Campbell. Necklace, ONecklace
When I looked at the calendar and saw that Abigail and I would be running mindless errands all day I reached for the slouchiest outfit I could find. I like to call this look my fashionable non-pajama pajamas! They’re so light and airy, at times, I don’t even think fabric was touching my skin.

As I looked through the photos taken of me yesterday evening I realized that I was posing in front of some badass graffiti that Abigail (purposefully) cut off so that it would say “FU.” Such a sweet, innocent girls she is. 
Speaking of, Abigail couldn’t resist the Brandy tee either, so she dawned the white version on our day of errands. Her simple look was perfect for colorful accessories and a colorful backdrop. What do you all think of our new peep toe booties?



Summer Basics

Emily – Top, Brandy Melville. Skirt, Reformation. Hat, Free People. Booties, Aldo. Bag, Ballista.
Abigail – Top & bag, Brandy Melville. Shorts, LF stores. Sunnies, Tom Ford. Shoes, Converse

A very broad color palette for Emily and I today: white, grey, and black! Sorry we’re not sorry. We’re still reveling in the last of these Summer days, and we’re sticking to cotton basics. Thank you Brandy Melville for keeping us so comfortable. At first I was self-conscious about wearing these high-cut denim shorts on the streets, but then I remembered the Polar Vortex……. that suddenly made it okay for me to be cheeky as hell when I wanna be. Also, Emily’s skirt blew up in the middle of Avenue B, so I didn’t feel as skanky.



East Village Errands

Abigail – Scarf, Ami Goodheart. Dress, Salvage. Shoes, Vans. Bag, Ballista. Sunnies, Ray Bans
Emily – Top, LF stores. Skirt, Reformation. Necklace, Zara. Shoes, Senso. Sunnies, Dior.  
Running errands in nearly 90 degree weather in the East Village looks a little something like this for us. Wearing as little as possible, barely there tops, rocker chic minis, and well skirts and a slight breeze… works wonders, but let’s just say everyone in the vicinity got quite the show. 


Which WanderLust Girl?

Abigail – Dress, Miilla. Shoes, GoJane. Hat, Joe Fresh. Bag, vintage Coach. Necklace, ok1984.
Emily – Dress, Miilla. Shoes, Aldo. Hat, Free People. Bag, Brandy Melville. Necklace, ok1984.
What to do in NYC in 90 degree weather? Grab your biggest hat, and head to the river and soak in that breeze. (But hold on to your hats!)
If you didn’t notice we love getting matchy-matchy. Playing which WanderLust Girl is which is one of our favorite games! What do you think of our monochromatic, Western style-ish, it’s way too hot outside looks??



Cooper’s Rock

Emily – Top, Equipment. Shorts, LF stores. Lipstick, Laura Mercier.
Abigail – Dress, Forever 21. Belt, Vintage. Leather bracelet, Foley + Corinna. Metal bracelet, OK1984.

Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze. 
#wanderlust #bloggerroadtrip #notfromtheseparts



The Longest Road

Abigail – Top, LF Stores. Skirt, Houghton. Bracelet, Bebe.
Emily – Top, Victoria’s Secret. Pants, Houghton. Bracelet, Henri Bendel.

We desire to be lost. We rove about abandoned areas. We need no tour guide. We seek beauty in the breakdown. Welcome to West Virginia, WanderLust Girls.
#wanderlust #bloggerroadtrip #notfromtheseparts



PBR and puppies

(Photos by Michael Rabasco

On Abigail – Top, Brandy Melville. Shorts, LF stores. Shoes, Ritch Erani. Sunnies, Tom Ford.
On Emily – Jacket, Playboy. Tank, Jennifer Hope. Skirt, Reformation. Shoes, Sam Edelman. Sunnies, Bottega Veneta.

A typical WanderLust day? We start off with a very large cup of coffee, and run through the city from showroom, to photoshoot, to party!
Okay, so maybe that’s not everyday… More often than not we steal our neighbors dog, the beautiful and glamourous, Shelby, and head to the roof. Topping off the strenuous day of dog napping with a few PBRs and puppy play :) 



Toilet Twins

(Photos by Spencer Kohn)

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are at it again! This time they dawned checkered chef pants (compliments of our favorite Three of Cups chef,) and stripped sweaters with their leather layers.

Don’t really think Dee and Dum spent too much time hanging in bathrooms… but wherever they went, they went together, monochromatically dressed of course!



10 degrees

(Photography by Ryan Albahary & Colin Jacques)

(On Abigail – Fur, Adrienne Landau. Shorts, One Teaspoon. Chain, Guess.)
(On Emily – Fur, Adrienne Landau. Shorts, LF Stores.) 
Fur and Daisy Dukes in 10 degree weather… it’s the best we can do. We have somewhat of an issue dressing for the weather. However, these Adrienne Landau furs kept us snuggly as we jumped around in our roommates bed, chained up Abigail, and ate delicious skull lollipops, yum. 
What’d are you doing in this polar vortex?