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Canine Catwalk

Dresses, Hale Bob. Hair, Michael Livsey. Make-up, Dominique Aro.
It’s not, not fun spending all day getting your hair and make-up done surrounded by puppies. Truly an honor supporting such a great cause as North Shore Animal League. We’re happy to say we raised a lot of money, and many homes were found for the dogs and cats that evening! 
We did, however, spend the majority of our down time testing out the Smartender. If you want your mind blown head to our Instagram to check out the video of the machine in action. We’re still amazed. 



Instagam Roundup

In the past couple weeks we’ve: kept it monochromatic with our bestie BEX, canoodled with classic cars, sipped quite a few glasses of bubbly, woke up to some misplaced lingerie, got cheeky on the beach, scored some metal in the mail,  showed off super sexy slits, got married and had a three year old, were boston boat bound, starred in a country western film along side Clint Eastwood, and cuddled up in a cozy cottage in Virginia. 
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Runway jams

  • Tidal Wave, Sub Focus ft. Alpine at The Art Institute of America
  • Stompa, Serena Ryder at Pamella Roland
Those of you who see us runway side at NYFW know that we basically watch the entire show from behind some sort of a screen. We’re always takin’ pics, Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting, Tumbling, Blogging, or Shazaaming. We’re always hyped to hear what songs will be played, because the music can really make the show.

Plus, we’re always looking for jams for our “make-shift” runway at home. Yeah, we’re those people… Anyways, hope you all enjoy these just as much as we did!



Bangstyle GIVEAWAY!

Bangin’ Bangstyle product giveaway!! We’re so excited to be able to share with you two of our MOST USED hair products from Bangstyle, Flexible Hold Spray and Light Sea Salt Mist.

As you can probably tell, between the two of us, we use an unimaginable amount of hair products to get that disheveled, carefree look. Emily even has a mini bottle of hairspray as a staple in her purse with a ton of bobby pins… she’s quite flammable. Abigail, the less flammable WanderLust Girl, uses the Light Sea Salt Mist to get that California beach wave look while in the heart of New York City, but you’d never know… despite the all black attire. We’re THRILLED to announce our partnership with Bangstyle for this GIVEAWAY! To enter all you have to do is:

* 1) Download the Bangstyle App by following the link*

* 2) Tweet or Facebook “Hope to win the @WanderLustGirls and @BangstyleTweets #giveaway -

* 3) Follow @WanderLustGirls on Twitter or Instagram!*

Contest ends Monday, June 10th. Good luck :)



#Feeltheflavor Contest!

Now that Summer is on it’s way… aka it’s past 59 degrees, the bright colors come out! As much as you’d think we wouldn’t have anything to do with brights based on our almost entirely black wardrobe, we are huge fans of accent colors. Which is perfect for this contest!

Crystal Light and it’s colorful flavors are looking for your colorful moments from everyday that are inspired by the six Crystal Light flavors. It could be as simple as a pink clutch like the Strawberry Lemonade flavor, or even a blue hat… but maybe don’t wear a blue hat.. jk, I’m sure it looks great ;) Let’s retry that, it could be a blue gemstone ring that reminds you of the Blue Raspberry flavor. You can have a lot of fun with this. Get creative and inspired about the bright colors of Summer!

All you have to do is go to the Glam Facebook page. Individuals can enter on the Facebook page. Enter in your email and authorize your Instagram. After you have entered in the information, you can post a picture using the hashtag #FeelTheFlavor.  One winner will be selected each week for four weeks.

Good luck, and follow us @WanderLustGirls to see our bright flavorful inspiration!

Crystal Light Liquid. 0 calories. Endless flavor possibilities. For every shade of you.

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Crystal Light via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Crystal Light”



Christian Siriano

(Photos by Abigail Breslin)

Christian Siriano sizzled with his signature over the top, why don’t we own these, gowns?! We, and by “we” we mean Emily, had one qualm with the collection. “You can’t make a dress that looks like cotton candy, and not give it out as a part of the gift bag!”

However, we are quite happy with the Siriano designed condoms. Always makes for an interesting conversation when you open them up at lunch to see what the designs look like. Then, of course, to ultimately realize he just designed the box. Our bad, but we’re not sorry about it… we made some good friends.

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