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We’re introducing another brand new post: #Shoesday! Every Tuesday we will feature what we, like so many women, are most passionate about… shoes. From shoe stalking on the streets of NYC, to shoe news, we’ll be sure to give you your weekly footwear fix.
Today’s shoe lust:



Dolce Vita vibes

First partay of the week, and a freaking job well done. Just walking through the entrance at Dolce Vita, we knew it was going to be epic. The monster-sized showroom on Houston was packed to the brim, and people were actually dancing (a rare site.) Loved the tunes, loved the booze, and loved the company. Kudos on the keg as well. (Maybe we should start a drinking blog? …No.) Wish we made it to the photo booth! (Yes, Abigail IS wearing chef pants… like from a restaurant.)



Shoe Stalker: NYFW edition

Okay, there was one thing missing from our NYFW round-up last month… Shoe Stalker! Dun dun dunnnnnn. Like Carrie Bradshaw, we too are obsessed with the highest and most extravagant of shoes. So, we set out to find the best of the best. Whether it was strutting down the runway, or sitting front row, we snapped it! What is your favorite pair? 



Shoe Stalker: NYFW Files

(Photos by Abigail Breslin)
Spotted: From the catwalks to the tents, and even the most posh of subways, WanderLust was shoe stalking the shit out of people, and we fell in lust with so many of these high heel diggs! Gorgeous greens, metallics, snake skins, spikes galore, furs, and some unique architecture.
Even men’s loafers came out in bright spray-painted colors! Right on the $$ to add some color to F/W’s darker attire!