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Smart Buy

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Just found the site Smart Buy Glasses, and we are ecstatic. It has an enormous selection of both designer sunglasses and eyeglasses from over 150 brands. Sunnies you obsess over are up to 40% off… temptation. There is a pair to suit absolutely everyone’s tastes, and what’s more is that there’s always free shipping and a free lens kit with every order.

They offer prescription lenses for our four-eyed friends which might make those who don’t require eyeglasses jealous. Possibly every pair of chic, eye-catching sunnies and eyeglasses you could ever want are here. From Ray-Ban, to Gucci to Prada – they have it. So tempted to buy all four of the ones above :)



Linda Derector

Well… if you don’t know Linda Derector, you are missing out. Not only does she have the most EPIC collection of vintage designer sunglasses that you have ever laid your eyes on, she is also the perfect dose of positive energy. I mean, if we had this many sunnies at hand, we’d be all smiles too ;) We will simply give up on life if we don’t own the blue ones! So, which are your favs?



Interview with Steven Kolb

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We were so excited to get the opportunity to interview Steven Kolb, Executive Director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America! He lives such a lust-worthy life, working along side some of the most talented people in the industry. WanderLust had to get the inside scoop!

What’s next on your agenda now that NY fashion week is over? 
The next big project is the CFDA Fashion Awards which will be held June 6th at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center.  It is the 10th Anniversary of Swarovski’s sponsorship of the event and this year we really want to mix up the show production with some new and unexpected elements.  The spring is also when the admission committee considers new members and when we determine the 10 finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.
What were your top 3 shows this season? 
I never like to pick favorites. All the shows I go to are unique and different. The American designers continue to create collections that are both beautifully artistic and commercially viable.
Is there one designer, who is not in the CFDA, that you are excited about this season? 
I had a chance to meet with Timo Weiland and to see his collection. I was really impressed with his talent and the vision he and his partner Alan have for their brand.
Is there something in particular you look for in a designer when scouting for the CFDA?
It all starts with talent and a point of view. Without that you can’t get in to the CFDA. We look at the business and visibility of the designers in terms of number of stores being sold to and the amount of press that is being generated. 
Clearly you have great personal style. What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe, and what is a must have for spring? 
Seems I have been wearing a lot of Steve Alan lately. Nike and Steve Alan partnered on the signature “Talcahe”.  I have the grey. It is the classic sensibility that I love. Plaid is still a favorite for spring. Changing out glasses is a good way to mix it up. I have about 6 pairs of Selima frames I wear but am favoring the newest pair which is called the “John” in blue. 
For our female readers, is there a particular trend they should be looking out for?
For spring look for skirts, longer lengths, wide leg trousers and lots of color especially orange and chartreuse.
What are your thoughts on bloggers, and their impact on the fashion industry?
I think bloggers have had a incredible influence bringing a fresh perspective to fashion and a connection to consumers in a very direct way. It is important that bloggers be authentic about fashion and be informed and educated about the industry and the designers they write about. Not to be is irresponsible.
Finally, if there was something you could change about the fashion industry what would it be?

Fashion changes by itself so I would leave it just like it is.