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We’re introducing another brand new post: #Shoesday! Every Tuesday we will feature what we, like so many women, are most passionate about… shoes. From shoe stalking on the streets of NYC, to shoe news, we’ll be sure to give you your weekly footwear fix.
Today’s shoe lust:




(Photos by Hassan Kinley

It’s heart-warming when someone sees a tattered unkempt wall and thinks of us. We posted up in front of the disheveled beauty for some photos, along with cat-on-head man, and some bus goers. The streets of NYC are so entertaining.

Abigail finally got out of her ankle boots, and into some fire-hot PLVs, and Emily punked out her Edelman‘s with some seriously harmful spike-guards. Yes… she has accidentally kicked people.

Things that need to be addressed: the amazing “Super Karl” tee, and the ever-rad Rolling Stones cut-off… skull included is always a bonus.

Happy TEE-GIVING everyone ;)

Karl tee: Mua Mua
Black skinnies: Derek Lam
Red pumps: Pour La Victoire
Zipper collar: Sohung Designs
Hater blockers: Tom Ford
Rolling stones tee: Figuring out…
Leather pants: Helmut Lang
Boots: Sam Edelman
Spike-guards: St. Marks street
Hater blockers: Marc by Marc



A WanderLust Wedding

(WanderLust Photography by Paolo Goltara

I Wander, take you Lust, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for leather, for purse, in sickness or in health, to Wander and to Lust ’till death do us part. And hereto I blog to you my faithfulness.

White dress: eggcream
Leather tuxedo jacket: AllSaints
Lace button-up: Dots
Pants: Derek Lam
Pumps: Jonathan Simkhai for Aldo

You may now kiss the brides,


Street Chic

(Photo by Guerre for Marie Claire)
Wandering up to Lincoln Center we got snapped by Guerre for Marie Claire! It’s always so fun when the photographers place you exactly where they want you… this time being in the middle of oncoming traffic.
Before hustling into a show we bumped into our friend and incredible designer Jonathan Simkhai (whose black pumps Abigail happened to be wearing.) Probably the one day we had on shorts and pants rather than a dress! (WanderLust rarities.)
Skull blouse: Nuvula
Pants: Derek Lam
Stud clutch: LF
Sheer blouse & buckle clutch: Topshop
Lace bra: Free People
Shorts: Eggcream