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We’re introducing another brand new post: #Shoesday! Every Tuesday we will feature what we, like so many women, are most passionate about… shoes. From shoe stalking on the streets of NYC, to shoe news, we’ll be sure to give you your weekly footwear fix.
Today’s shoe lust:



Toilet Twins

(Photos by Spencer Kohn)

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are at it again! This time they dawned checkered chef pants (compliments of our favorite Three of Cups chef,) and stripped sweaters with their leather layers.

Don’t really think Dee and Dum spent too much time hanging in bathrooms… but wherever they went, they went together, monochromatically dressed of course!



Beach Bums

(On Emily) American Heart Tee, Brandy Melville. Denim cut-offs, LF stores. Lace-up boots, AllSaints.  Sunnies, Bottega Veneta. White long-sleeve, Alexander Wang.
(On Abigail) White sweater, LF stores. Bikini bottom, Teeki. Zipper boots, Dolce Vita. Jack Daniels tee, Grit N Glory. Aviators, Ray-Ban.

I can’t even pretend to act like everything is normal when I write this post. Seeing the photos of our butts makes me laugh every time, because we tried to video each other biking, and both ended up off-roading into a swamp. If you’re lucky, we’ll post those videos. DISCLOSURE: Any and all casual glamour in our blogposts must be discredited, because it’s highly likely we did something absurd pre or post photo.

Now that I have ranted about how stupid we are, I can say we had an amazing trip. Nothing like combat boots in the sand :) Emily finally busted out her Alexander Wang white long-sleeve, and naturally I wandered the island boasting about my vintage Jack Daniels tee from Grit N Glory.

Needless to say we got no color, and still appear as ghostly vampires that live in a cave. But hey, at least we have photos to prove we went away.



Seasick Mama

(Photos by Hassan Kinley for Karin + Raoul Magazine)
More WanderLust styling work for Karin + Raoul Magazine! Meet our girl, Seasick Mama, an emerging NYC singer/songwriter. A beautiful sunny Summer day, and some newly sea-foamed hair made for a rockin’ photoshoot. Loved styling her in some sexy D&E lingerie, leather, and even the grand ol’ flag. Nothing says happy Labor Day like a woman’s bodacious backside, right? Right.

Drive By

(Photos by Jakob Layman)
“The cigarette ash flies in your eyes
And you don’t mind, you smile
And say the world doesn’t fit with you”

Leather jacket: Zara
Skull scarf: LF
Leather overall-skirt: Alexander Wang
Boots: Topshop


“Adventures in WanderLand”

(Photos by Jakob Layman)

Chapter Two: If you wander towards the river a duo in stripes will catch your eye. They go by the name of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They’re a peculiar pair, but they aren’t as quirky and clumsy as you may recall. Their overalls are leather, their names are inked, and their transportation is by motorcycle… an electric motorcycle.

Stripe dress: Core
Cross necklace: LF stores
Stripe shirt: H&M
Leather skirt overalls: Alexander Wang
Boots: Topshop
Motorcycle: Evolve



Emma Cleary

(Images by Emma Cleary
Our good friend and photographer, Emma Cleary, asked us to bring some of our favorite pieces over for her to snap.. yay! We love when photographers let us get a bit wild :)
The best part of the shoot was when we brought this beauty dressed in a gold gown and black fur caplet (or “the crow” as we like to call it,) down through Occupy Wall Street. It’s fun to make protestors stare.

White dress: Ivana Helsinki
Studded belt: Aldo
Pink heels: Dorothy Perkins 
Black caplet: Express
Gold dress and black sheer top: Villionaire by Richie Rich
Green cape: Alexander Wang
Military hat: Vintage
Bolt necklace: Gabriele Frantzen
Black heels: Jonathan Simkhai for Aldo