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Leather Landscape

Emily – Top, Urban Outfitters. Skirt, ASOS. Slides, Aldo. Sunnies, Madewell. Necklace, Necromance

I’m so happy I decided to wear all this leather today, it’s not like the Summer heat is back…… misery. Although, i’m going to look back on this post in February and hate myself for complaining about the warm weather.

I just got these new croc leather slides while I was up in Maine for the weekend at the Aldo outlet store, amongst a few other things I cannot wait to share with you all. My obsession with black croc will never die (friends and family take note when thinking of any and all presents for me!)

If you didn’t notice our @WanderLustGirls stickers came in so I headed straight to the roof to vandalize!! I feel 10% cooler than I did when I woke up. I’ll leave you with this today, after taking a bunch of photos on the roof of this look we realized there was no card in the camera. Good.



Summer Basics

Emily – Top, Brandy Melville. Skirt, Reformation. Hat, Free People. Booties, Aldo. Bag, Ballista.
Abigail – Top & bag, Brandy Melville. Shorts, LF stores. Sunnies, Tom Ford. Shoes, Converse

A very broad color palette for Emily and I today: white, grey, and black! Sorry we’re not sorry. We’re still reveling in the last of these Summer days, and we’re sticking to cotton basics. Thank you Brandy Melville for keeping us so comfortable. At first I was self-conscious about wearing these high-cut denim shorts on the streets, but then I remembered the Polar Vortex……. that suddenly made it okay for me to be cheeky as hell when I wanna be. Also, Emily’s skirt blew up in the middle of Avenue B, so I didn’t feel as skanky.



Which WanderLust Girl?

Abigail – Dress, Miilla. Shoes, GoJane. Hat, Joe Fresh. Bag, vintage Coach. Necklace, ok1984.
Emily – Dress, Miilla. Shoes, Aldo. Hat, Free People. Bag, Brandy Melville. Necklace, ok1984.
What to do in NYC in 90 degree weather? Grab your biggest hat, and head to the river and soak in that breeze. (But hold on to your hats!)
If you didn’t notice we love getting matchy-matchy. Playing which WanderLust Girl is which is one of our favorite games! What do you think of our monochromatic, Western style-ish, it’s way too hot outside looks??



I really like The Stones and I hate TV

(Photos by Savvy Shooter)
Abigail – Jumpsuit, Topshop. Sweater, Cynthia Vincent. Scarf, Alexander McQueen. Bag, LAMB. Shoes, Miss Sixty
Emily – Shirt, Urban Outfitters. Skirt, ReformationNecklace, ZaraBag, Rebecca Minkoff. Heels, Aldo.

From her cowboy boots
Up to her little black dress
I need a Jameson shot of confidence
Then I’ll let her do the rest

She’s kinda like a scene in a movie
I can hear music when she speaks
She says, “I can’t sleep alone.
I really like The Stones and I hate TV.”

Well I must confess
I’m a little obsessed with Dawson’s Creek
Yeah I know what you think
It’s not what it seems
Can I buy you a drink?

Then she said life goes on
We got all night
If you got rock and roll
You’re gonna be alright

So give me one more drink
And play my favorite song
Put a quarter in the jukebox
And sing along

-The Summer Set



Private Property

On Emily – Hat, Joe Fresh. Sweater, Houghton. Shorts, Zara. Boots, Jeffrey Campbell.
On Abigail – Hat, Bex NYC. Shirt, Walmart. Pants, Articles of Society. Heels, Aldo.
I hope that you like it in your little motel 
And I hope that the suite sleeps and suits you well
Well I can see it as time and a sight through smell and
Thats why its nice to be by yourself
-Modest Mouse



I’m pretty sure it ruled… last Friday night.

On Abigail – Shirt, ASOS. Shorts, Zara. Heels, Preen x Aldo
On Emily – Crop top, Olivaceous. Skirt, Reformation. Heels, Aldo. Necklace, Zara

Our WanderFul friends had us over for what they assumed to be a casual dinner. One cocktail in, and Abigail was flashing the Upper East Side. (That’s like a five drink thing for a normal person right?) After some savory sushi we got a little camera happy… just a little though. Here are some outtakes from (just the beginning) of our Friday night.



Los Amigos

On Abigail – Top, H&M. Pants, Rebecca Minkoff. Heels, Preen x Aldo Clutch, Aldo. Sunnies, Bottega Veneta
On Emily – Blazer, Topshop. Crop top, Victoria’s Secret. Pants, Jbrand. Heels, Aldo. Bag, Zac Posen. Necklace, Necromance. Sunnies, Marc by Marc Jacobs

While running to the Post Office in the East Village we stumbled upon the Los Amigos Garden. We had to snap a few pics to add some color to our monochromatic looks! 
Best part about the outfits we choose today? We both got ready separately and ended up, as usual, looking quite similar. There must be some scientific thing about friends sharing a brain, because we definitely do! 



(Photos by Spencer Kohn

On Abigail: Hat, Aldo. Scarf, IMPROVD. Dress, Mark & Estel. Shoes, Sam Edelman.
On Emily: Jumpsuit, Black Halo. Shoes, Jonathan Simkhai x Aldo.

A free Friday in our schedule = calling up Spencer Kohn, picking up a (really nasty) bottle of wine, and heading to the photo studio. A few shots in Spencer realized we looked like Tim Burton characters, and told us to run with it. 11am and some shitty chardonnay led to a load of fun. It actually looks like we’re delirious off of bad wine… in a cool way. More looks to be posted this week :)




(On Emily – Shorts, Reformation. Cardigan, Jessi. Boots, Aldo.)
(On Abigail – Sweatshirt & vest, Jessi. Pants, Raven Denim. Shoes, Sam Edelman.)

There are only a handful of times you will spot us at Grand Central, one being catching a train North to Connecticut. The family was hosting a Fall feast, so we jumped at the chance of seeing suburbian foliage.
The first items pulled out were these Jessi pieces: a stringy striped cardigan, a holey sweatshirt, and the perfect length cargo vest. You know your Fashion is on point when Grandma says “that top is unraveled”, “your sweatshirt is ripped” and “is that a boy’s vest?”
Unlike Manhattan, we were able to enjoy a few Heiney’s in the yard, spin some Sinatra on the record player (notice rad new OPI color “Warm Me Up”), and dine around a long table with football in the background. (Let us remind you that in the city grass is sparse, most of us do not have space for a dining room, let alone a table, and we don’t watch football… okay maybe that’s just us.)
Oh, suburbia, you’ve always had a spell over us.