Monthly Archives: December 2013


J’adore GALORE

(Last two photos by Tommy Mendes.) 
Finally posting some photos from the Erotic Xmas with Galore Mag! Happy one year anni, Galore ;) We completely enjoyed indulging with you and Absolut Tune at Billionaire Room, followed by a lush party with some of our fav scenesters. Snapped fun photos of Tommy Mendes shooting the stunning Carol Alt, possible vomit (it’s not really), Emily with the gorgeous Andrej Pejic, the lovely face of Zac Sebastian, and blogger beauty Danielle Bernstein. I would like to personally take this time to curse Robin Thicke for forever ruining these cool striped pants, and curse the people that think of him instead of Beetlejuice. (Beetlejuice 2 a possibility?! Eff yeah.)



Joe Freshhhhhh

Wow, these photos are like two weeks old.. considering Abigail’s hair is now #radiantorchid (dyed a day before Pantone announced 2014′s color of the year, thank you.) Joe Fresh is, how can we explain it, it’s fresh. We honestly thought they only sold tee-shirts (fashignorance), but we perused sipping our champeezy (so redundant to mention in NYC), and Emily found the hat love of her life. So cheers to the new Joe Fresh, a hat that’s surprisingly not black, and drunk shopping. Drink – Shop – Love… isn’t that a book?