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Holiday Hues

Here are the trends:

1. Pantone’s “Color of the Year”, emerald. WanderLust is craving that maxi-skirt, green velvet, sequins, cool cut-outs, checkered minis, emerald manicures, and lacy lingerie.

2. Metallica. We’re on the hunt for golden pumps, bold trench coats, glittering tops, silver handbags, and mirrored manicures.

3. We’re loving this winter hue, called midnight blue. Needing a navy manicure, blue shadow, cool blue coats, luxe loafers, and possibly even locks to match.

4. Oxblood, burgundy, maroon, what have you… this color is hot for the cold. Lusting after velvets, huge handbags, all red everything, fierce pumps, and a seasonal manicure.

5. Ever-in-style, animal print. Rock it right with a vintage hat, long jacket, matching, rock and roll inspired, fierce accessories, or just be Kate Moss.. always a good option.

(All photos pulled from Pinterest.)



“Right to Remain Silent”

Two things we long for: sepia-tone, and Polaroids. When we got this badass BERRICLE handcuff jewelry set (necklace and anklet) we imagined a world where arrests were a bit more glamorous. The police would snap your mugshot with a vintage old Polaroid, then tint it a warm happy hue, for your use on blogs of course.

The necklace is heavy-duty, and ain’t messin’ around. The matching anklet (yes, anklet) is a thinner chain with small cuffs.. would look killer over a pair of pumps! Perhaps we’re leaning to our Orange is the New Black sides, but it’s good to be bad.




(On Emily – Shorts, Reformation. Cardigan, Jessi. Boots, Aldo.)
(On Abigail – Sweatshirt & vest, Jessi. Pants, Raven Denim. Shoes, Sam Edelman.)

There are only a handful of times you will spot us at Grand Central, one being catching a train North to Connecticut. The family was hosting a Fall feast, so we jumped at the chance of seeing suburbian foliage.
The first items pulled out were these Jessi pieces: a stringy striped cardigan, a holey sweatshirt, and the perfect length cargo vest. You know your Fashion is on point when Grandma says “that top is unraveled”, “your sweatshirt is ripped” and “is that a boy’s vest?”
Unlike Manhattan, we were able to enjoy a few Heiney’s in the yard, spin some Sinatra on the record player (notice rad new OPI color “Warm Me Up”), and dine around a long table with football in the background. (Let us remind you that in the city grass is sparse, most of us do not have space for a dining room, let alone a table, and we don’t watch football… okay maybe that’s just us.)
Oh, suburbia, you’ve always had a spell over us.



Dirty Names

We didn’t take full advantage of the CMJ festivities last month, but there was no way we would miss our favorite boys of the Dirty Names make ladies drop their panties, and dudes think “swagger.” We headed to Arlene’s Grocery from a couple previous events in the LES… shout to our new fav boutique Any Old Iron. (Sidenote: what’s weird about writing is you had no idea I just left this page for 20 minutes and read about abandoned islands.) The beauty of being early: the pre-game. We caught the Dirty Names before their show, and enjoyed 2-3 too many PBRs before they had to go on. Boots were up on tables, handcuff necklaces were hoisting beer cans, and we all laughed about appropriate, and inappropriate things. Rock on.
(Fashion note: not enough men wear bolo ties.)



While night’s black agents to their preys do rouse.

Emily started as Storm, from X-Men, and then panicked and smeared black on her eyelids, because she feels weird without it. Back to cat. (Plus you really can’t look like Storm without pulling a ‘Julianne Hough.’ I love saying that.) Abigail was looking for anything in the apartment, and resulted as “Batman takes a nap”… aka a girl wearing a Batman tank and Batman underwear.
We kicked off Halloween night with some deeeeelicious new Vanilla Cinnamon Baileys, which we grew so fond of at the Baileys event. It was a rich and tasty beginning to a sugar-filled (and booze filled) evening. We hung out with our girlfriends in the LES (the Lower East Side of Manhattan), before taking on NeueHouse, Rose Bar, and several East Village spots we don’t really recall, aside from the ever-evidential photobooth strip from a gay bar. Proof of a good time. Cheers to Bex NYC’s cat ears for playing both cat, and bat roles during the night.
Genius of the eve: Melina’s artistic take on a bat headpiece, made out of a busted umbrella. Unreal.
“Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon. Stay Stylish. Drink Responsibly.”
“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Diageo via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Diageo”.



“It was a graveyard smash”

For those of you who missed our All Hallows Affair, that sucks, because it was amazing!! This year we were at Stanton Social for the epic eve. Schwag bags, creepy cocktails, and costume contests hosted by award winning costume designer, Ami Goodheart. This years winner, the ultimately saggy, ultimately obsessed, cat lady. Next year’s will definitely be hard to beat! Thank you all who came out, we love you, goodnight!!