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(Black hat, Aldo. Tie-dye scarf, IMPROVD. Shredded sweater, Mink Pink. Leather vest, Topshop. Studded bag, Karen Millen. Tall boots, Ritch Erani. Fur jacket, Adrienne Landau. Black skinnies, Garter + Derringer. Harnessed boots, Sam Edelman.)

Today’s ensembles. Shocker.. all black. Color splashes courtesy of our trusty Karen Millen bag, and Emily’s burgundy beanie. Took our new Ritch Erani tall boots out for a spin. They are perfectly snug to your leg, and sky-scraping, yet still are as comfortable as sneakers. That, or we’ve just been wearing heels so long we forget what sneakers feel like. Happy week before NYFW ;)




(Photos by Katya Moorman of Style Defined NYC)
This might be our very first .GIF! (Might be… we don’t really know what exists of us out there in the World Wide Web.) But alas, we’re lusting the pink and red, and most of all the badass 5Preview tops. Fabulous styling was a cinch thanks to the boys at Agency V NY.
Amusing to see us in .GIF form. Far more accurate to see us jittering around.  :)


(Photos by Sunny Norton)

Thirsty Thursday? Oh, college days… how we miss the excuse to drink way too much, now we just do it. We headed to Lilium for the first time at the W Hotel in Union Square. A gorgeous venue, with a gorgeous crowd- always makes for an interesting night. 

We’re beyond obsessed with the black lilies on the ceiling. So, we’ll be back. Not just for the lilies… but it’s like 70% of the reason. The other 30%… alcohol, epic venue, sweet atmosphere, and we kind of felt classy..