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An afternoon on Newbury St during Black Friday, and we managed to pick up the one thing that wasn’t on sale. Figures. Luckily they were worth it – Alice Yim jersey and leather fingerless gloves. We’ve realized most of our Winter coats… well, aren’t Winter coats i.e. this Zara cape. Insert perfect long layery badass Yim gloves, and we have a match. I guess we’re also promoting whoever’s graffiti that is… matches Emily’s granny tresses :)



Garter + Derringer GIVEAWAY!

Holiday GIVEAWAY !!

We are beyond thrilled to be hosting a GIVEAWAY with one of our favorite brands, Garter + Derringer, a company run by two Manhattan fellas that we happen to adore. G+D has won us over, and that’s coming from two girls that wear pants the LEAST (i.e. tights in the Winter, and bare legs to the point where grandma’s yell at us.) We’re not huge on arguing either, but these double-zip black skinnies are seriously worth a debacle or two! (Seen here on model, Jessica Stam.)

1) Like G+D and WanderLust on Facebook

2) Post the first photo on this page on ONE of the following:

For Facebook – “@Garter+Derringer and @WanderLust #giveaway”
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*Giveaway includes: black pants, blue jeans, grey beater, and camo drawstring bag. (Pants available in sizes 24-29.) Winner will be selected at random on Tuesday, December 4th!



(Photos by Hassan Kinley

It’s heart-warming when someone sees a tattered unkempt wall and thinks of us. We posted up in front of the disheveled beauty for some photos, along with cat-on-head man, and some bus goers. The streets of NYC are so entertaining.

Abigail finally got out of her ankle boots, and into some fire-hot PLVs, and Emily punked out her Edelman‘s with some seriously harmful spike-guards. Yes… she has accidentally kicked people.

Things that need to be addressed: the amazing “Super Karl” tee, and the ever-rad Rolling Stones cut-off… skull included is always a bonus.

Happy TEE-GIVING everyone ;)

Karl tee: Mua Mua
Black skinnies: Derek Lam
Red pumps: Pour La Victoire
Zipper collar: Sohung Designs
Hater blockers: Tom Ford
Rolling stones tee: Figuring out…
Leather pants: Helmut Lang
Boots: Sam Edelman
Spike-guards: St. Marks street
Hater blockers: Marc by Marc



Tape Magazine

(Photography by Stuart McConaghy)

Had way too much roaming Yale’s campus, freaking students out, and lurking about an empty parking garage. Just a few of our favorite things to do :) Totally in lust with the amazing team at Tape Magazine, and yes, we applaud them for getting us into some bright colors, well done! However, we had to put our classic WanderLust spin on it, toss on a few spikes & crosses. 
Tape is one of our new favs- androgynous editorials… need we say more? What do you guys think of the spread?! 

Etienne Aigner

 (Photos by Abigail Breslin)

The history behind this line is truly incredible, and worth a skim! (Trust us, we don’t even like reading, besides magazines… .. picture captions.) There was so much in the collection to lust after, considering that Etienne Aigner really covers it all- shoes, bags, accessories, and clothing!!

However, we cannot get the gorgeous snake skin out of our minds, and all the metal detailing. It’s all about the detail over here, #metallust.



6th Ave.

(Photos by Hassan Kinley)
What if we didn’t know each other… how creepy would this be?? We wouldn’t have a choice but to be best friends. Guess we have our love for Logan Neitzel’s androgynously sexy pieces to blame. 
Just realizing our friendship is pretty much just based on the color black, leather, sky-high heels, anything asymmetrical  and well, dumb and dumber.. oh and probably alcohol. We’ve said way too much. 
P.S. Logan, we’ll do anything for these pieces, just saying. 

Ella McHugh

There’s really nothing quite like handbag press previews. We were beaming when we walked into the Ella McHugh suite at The Gansevoort Park Hotel. A gorgeous array of clutches and crossbodys lay waiting for us to test drive.
We quickly fell in lust with the sherbet colored clutch, and that white crackled-desert looking one! Some seriously badass prints and textures. Oh, and to top it all off, some bomb purse and lipstick cookies. Thanks, Ella!

Camila x Castillo

(Photos by Abigail Breslin

Camila x Castillo definitely did not disappoint at LA Fashion Week! Although we aren’t quite neon queens, we do love the neon orange / white pant combo. And that make-up.. blush with a 90° angle is necessary on so many levels.

Anything that resembles some sort of a ribcage is perfection to us. We hope you’re just as obsessed with their intricate pieces. A completely captivating collection by Camila x Castillo.
P.S. You saw it here first, but we are finding that metallic tape. Don’t know how we haven’t done it before. We usually do find fashionable use for office supplies, but they had us beat with this futuristic look.