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(Images from Shabby Apple)
We were so psyched when Shabby Apple, an online boutique for adorable women’s dresses, asked if we would like to giveaway one of their pieces to our loyal readers! It was lust at first sight when we clicked on this sexy high-waisted skirt. To enter:
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  • Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite Shabby Apple item is! 
(Winner will be chosen by April 7th)


Our little tour of the X’Tige showroom quickly turned into a long list of lustworthy items for the upcoming season. Burnt red bags, spikes, studs, skull clutches, sky-high shearling, and even Karl Lagerfeld dolls… blogger heaven.

Can’t wait to share what’s on the horizon for WanderLust and some of X’Tige’s clients… think fashion metamorphous :)




So, Emily just started taking Ballet, and just in the knick of time we received 6 beautiful new OPI polishes from the New York City Ballet Collection! Absolutely adore these soft pastels. Might have to do a ballerina photoshoot very soon. (Hint, hint.)



Veggy! (Vegas, not vegetables.)

As always, we loved styling the Lifestyle Trimco mannequins… especially because this time we were in Vegas! The event was Global Shop, and our booth took home the Outstanding Booth award from DDi Magazine, if you could even call this indoor log cabin a “booth.”

Obviously we aren’t sharing all of our Vegas photos (insert “what happens in Vegas, blah blah blah”), but how could we not share the skull and pirate ship. Two things we feel strongly about… bones and villains.




(Photos by Jakob Layman. Hair by Alexa Neavitt.)

Colors, Colors, C-C-C, Colors… okay, we won’t bring Ice-T into this, but The WanderLust Girls just added a little color into their lives! Just for one day though. No need to panic. 

We are lusting after matchy-matchy looks this season, and had so much fun playing with our purples and blues, especially Abigail’s blue hair (and Emily’s purple body, due to always being cold.) What colors will you be covering yourselves with this Spring?  :)


Teeki Giveaway!!

(Images from

A recent trip to the planetarium has left us lusting over the cosmos and starry nights. We were so psyched when we were recently introduced to Teeki! The coolest part? All of their products, swimwear, activewear, underwear, and accessories are all made from recycled water bottles. So not only do you look super hot while basking in the sun, or working out to look super hot while basking in the sun, you are also saving the planet!

Okay, now for the best part Teeki would like to give WanderLust readers the opportunity to win The Northern Lights headband and panty! How to enter?

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Good luck everyone! We hope that the winner enjoys these pieces as much as we do!!