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Vincent Vacation

(WanderLust Photography by Desi Wolff)

Posting this now from New York city with January breathing down our backs is almost cruel, but let’s all pretend we’re on a beach in beautiful bright tangerines, and ocean blues :) Both strapless floor-lengths by Cynthia Vincent, the one woman who can get WanderLust to swap their layers and layers of black for a vibrant palette and pretty patterns. New Year’s Resolution: Wear less black? Hahaha… no.
White and orange pumps: Nine West
Black platform pumps: Steve Madden


 (Photos by Jakob Layman for Time Out New York)

Spotted at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar by Time Out New York! We WanderLusted our way over to Williamsburg one evening for a night of browsing booths. Came across SO many amazing young designers and artists… especially one stand full of Tim Burton-esque hair bows. We will have to feature her soon on WanderLust! Hope everyone had a marvelous Holiday :)

Paisley: Vintage
Faux collar & hinge ring: H&M
Handbags: Rebecca Minkoff
Velvet leggings: HUE
Tan & black boots: Sam Edelman
White faux: Zara
Cross chains: LF




(Playboy, Elegante Galimier)
(Images by Romer Pedron)

Fact: Mannequins are surprisingly more stubborn than humans, and rather top heavy. However, they never talk back, which speaks volumes about.. a.. mannequin?

Anyways, we had so much fun styling these mannequins for Lifestyle Trimco’s “Le Cirque” soirée! Which section of mannequins is your favorite? 


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Henri Lloyd

We know sailing season is a bit far off in New York City, but we’re slightly obsessed with Henri Lloyd and their function-ably, yet fashionable gear. It’s very refreshing to see men (sailors in particular… but what are the odds right?!) keeping with the trends, while boating, working, or any sort of ocean influenced occupation. We’re lusting these sailing jackets especially in muted tones like above’s winter whites, and slate grays. However, it’s always necessary to add a splash of red. (You never know when you’ll need to be spotted on the high seas “SOS!”) 
So to all our male viewers, and ladies looking for a man who can actually look classy on the high seas… Henri Lloyd nailed it! We are so happy that we were introduced to this classic brand, and we could answer quite a few inquiries from our male readers :) 
P.S. how adorable are these shorts?! 



Bits of Art Basel Miami Beach: enchanted escapes, Tommy M Photography, Fuck Me I’m Famous, Playboy rooftop, painted postures, champagne lounging, private runways, hooded swimwear, breezy moments… and an overall impressive mix of sheer ridiculousness and calm serenity.

PS… rare photos of WanderLust wearing color soon to follow!  :)

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Swimwear: Paradisiac



Le Cirque

(Photography by Jakob Layman)
We were so excited to co-host and style for Lifestyle Trimco’s “Le Cirque” soirée! Forty mannequins, five themed rooms, posh carnie food, photobooths, and open bar… needless to say it was an epic night! We were so happy so many of our amazing friends came out to support and join in the festivities :) Lifestyle Trimco even won DDI Magazine’s “Outstanding Showroom” award! Now the question is, how do we top it next year? … Challenge accepted.
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Sheer-sleeve dress: LF
Red dress: Motel


(Images by Mani Zarrin
You can rarely find a WanderLust girl sporting a tee, unless its vintage or, well, completely shredded and ripped… however, after spending the day styling for tee shirt company Nimany, we were in lust with the über soft fabric, perfect fit, and their unisexuality.
We also kind of feel like these four could be the next hit soap opera. What do you think the show would be called??


(Photos by Ariel Utin Lakin)
If WanderLust were cast in Grease, it’s pretty obvious we wouldn’t have been a part of the Pink Ladies. We might have been edgy T-Bird girlfriends, or perhaps worked at the car shop. Maybe one of us dated the creepy, yet badass “Crater-face”… but most likely we’d be extras in the carnival scene and see Sandy in her black get-up and think, “Okay, now she’s finally cool.”
Abigail’s leather: Zara
Emily’s leather: Playboy


(Photos by Ben Lozovsky)
Found better photos of our Feuillatte outfits! Actually.. it’s kind of crazy how they look like two totally different outfits because of the coats. Been sipping a lot of Feuillatte lately. Not mad about it.
Sheer-sleeve dress & studded bag: LF
Bolt necklace: Gabriele Frantzen
Boots: Topshop
Sequin dress: AllSaints
Harnessed boots: Sam Edelman
Velvet coat: Vintage
Leopard-print coat: H&M