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A Duckie Man

There’s nothing that we like more than a man killin’ it in pieces straight off the runway… and of course, a sleeve tattoo (that part is necessary.) We thought our new friend, and health/wellness consultant, Joshua Kane Tankersley was the perfect Duckie man. Dapper and edgy, with a whole lotta cool comfort. We’re obsessed with their relaxed mens trousers, and matchy-matchy looks.
Joshua is a man of many worlds, so he easily transformed into each style. A WanderLust man’s must-haves: hoods, lime green trousers, and a full on velvet suit!
Clothes: Duckie Brown
Shoes: J Shoes



Karen Millen, the WanderLust way!

When Karen Millen’s team asked if we wanted to swing by The Crosby Street Hotel and play with all of their pieces, style their model in a WanderLust way, and sip champagne all afternoon, it really wasn’t a matter of yes or no, but more of a, um… duh! Our eye was immediately drawn to this red stripped master piece, thigh high boots, and of course, our signature stud covered anything, in this case a beauteous black bag.

The second look we created just speaks volumes for this collection… purple leather jackets, snake skin printed corduroys, lace button ups, green snake skin clutches, and peep toes with a bazillion buckles (they take a while to put on, but the result is totally worth it!) Now that we are proud owners of those sexy serpent pants, we’re one step closer to owning the whole outfit :)



Vensel Vacation

This post must have gotten tucked away in all this cold weather… it reminds us of a warmer time, and makes us keep checking Expedia for tickets to LA!

This metallic silver rooftop was the perfect backdrop for this airy masterpiece. Mike Vensel, you have made the ultimate swimmy dress, and we applaud you. Plus the secret sexy slits are perfect for showing off the fact that Emily lived in a dungeon throughout the summer, and rarely saw the light of day. Disregarding the the amount of paleness, we’re lusting after this bohemian inspired, deceivingly sexy, double layered dress.

We may have to concoct some way to winterize this, just so we can wear it again ASAP!

Dress: Mike Vensel
Headband: American Apparel
Heels: Steve Madden



Flaming Youth

(Photo by Tommy M.)

(Photo from PaperMag)

Any night we get to wear feathers on our arms and faces… we’re in. Last week we raged at the Creative Time‘s Flaming Youth Ball, rocking two gorgeous SOTU masks and wings! DJ Mia Moretti spun, as we spun as well, thanks to Nicolas Feuillatte. Quote of the night: “I gotta fix my wing before people think I’m weird.”

what remains

(WanderLust Photography by Jakob N. Layman)
Abandoned. A word that brings to mind ruins and wreckage. A dismal place where haunted hopes and dreams linger, and people don’t dare to trespass. But there is something about the abandoned that we hold on to. It’s crumbling walls, and frail flooring… something so perfect about the mess.
Two sailors returned to their ruins. They stood proud on their deck, looked out as if they were back on the bounding seas, and honored what remains… and check out those jackets!



Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale!

We never miss an opportunity for a sample sale… especially one filled with Rebecca Minkoff designs! It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on holiday gifts for your family & friends… or you could just do what usually happens to us… be Grinchy and just buy yourself a ton of stuff. Don’t lie, you do it too!

Make sure to give us a shout-out if you see us pillaging through racks… or playing tug of war with another shopper over some beautiful bag.



Dana-Maxx S/S 2012

Luckily, good friend and designer Dana-Maxx, didn’t care that we showed up to her showroom with bags of M&M’s (peanut, of course,) and then proceeded to eat all the candy/cupcakes she had beautifully laid out for guests.
Although, it was luckier that we got a chance to be surrounded by all her beautiful S/S 2012 pieces, and some of our favorites from Fall! Wonderful red, pink, and purple sheers… we can’t wait till you take over our closets!!

A WanderLust Wedding

(WanderLust Photography by Paolo Goltara

I Wander, take you Lust, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for leather, for purse, in sickness or in health, to Wander and to Lust ’till death do us part. And hereto I blog to you my faithfulness.

White dress: eggcream
Leather tuxedo jacket: AllSaints
Lace button-up: Dots
Pants: Derek Lam
Pumps: Jonathan Simkhai for Aldo

You may now kiss the brides,


Cynthia Vincent

Prints, prints, and more prints at Cynthia Vincent… and we loved it?! It may be the upcoming trip to Miami for Art Basel, or our ever-growing fondness for Serena van der Woodsen’s wardrobe on holiday, but we have to have it all! Not to mention all the beautiful cork heels and bags to match! We’re absolutely lusting the forest green accessories!

P.S. How gorgeous is this showroom? And a view of Bryant Park… not too shabby!



wander bunnies

Hello Nautical Noir, we love everything you stand for. We always have way too much fun dressing up in our Playboy gear, so we were super psyched when they asked us to head over for a day of photoshoots, cartooning, and peanut m&m’s :)
Prancing around in this stuff for just one day isn’t enough. I don’t know if we can wait till Spring/Summer 2013 to play with all of these pieces. Playboy- tempting and teasing its customers since 1953.